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Complaint & Appeals Process

Complaint & Appeals Process


If you have a complaint about us, our staff, other learners or a third party working on our behalf, Capital Careers has a formal and informal complaints and appeals policy which ensures a fair and transparent process for handling your complaint.

  • In the first instance, clients are encouraged to address their complaint to the trainer/assessor, course coordinator or the Directors of the company.
  • A formal complaint can be made in writing by using a ‘customer complaint form’ which is available from the front office or at the request of your trainer. Alternatively, the online form located in the contact us
    section of this website.
  • All complaints will be referred to the Directors and resolved within 28 days
  • The complainant will be given a written statement of outcomes
  • Appeals are referred to an independent person or panel.

For continuous improvement purposes, Capital Careers keeps a register of all complaints and feedback received.

If you are dissatisfied with Capital Careers’ complaints process and feel that you haven’t been given a fair hearing, the next step is to contact the national registering body ASQA. Alternatively you may contact the National Training Complaints Hotline on 13 38 73.